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A quarter of the bones in your body are located in your feet. In the feet region alone, there are over 100 muscles and tendons. You also have up to 33 joints and 26 bones there. As a woman, you tend to suffer from feet problems more than a man does, especially because of your undying love for high heeled shoes. Walking helps to strengthen the feet, but at the same time, it can make the feet to ache, sweat and swell; it can also cause stiffness and cramp. The feet can become tired and sore due to the strains it goes through while you walk about. No matter how seemingly stressed the muscles, bones, and joints in your feet might have become, a foot massage can assuage the pains, and you will find it to be an incredibly soothing therapy. What makes foot massage so soothing and incredible? Continue reading to find out.

What foot massage does?

Foot massage is also referred to as reflexology. With foot massage, you can improve blood circulation in the feet region. Massaging the feet will help to remove toxins from the region via the lymphatic and blood circulatory systems. Improvement in blood circulation around this region can quicken the rate at which any wound in the foot region gets healed; this is because the wound is supplied with nutrients required for fast regeneration due to increase in blood flow.

It touches other body parts

During foot massage, a biochemical and psychological message is sent across to other parts of the body, causing them to relax. Foot massage should not be seen as an isolated therapy; it indirectly touches other parts of the body too. Furthermore, foot massage is one of the best ways to correct any form of imbalance on your feet and other parts of your body. The process effectively stimulates specific areas in your feet, which will lead to a reduction in tension, not only in the feet region but also other parts of the body. Foot massage is known to relax muscles in your lower back and legs.

Hormone production

Aside from relieving tension in your feet region and other parts of your body, a foot massage can also increase the rate of hormone production. The hormones are implicated in the relaxation effect of foot massage. The hormones create a sense of calmness all over you that also extends beyond the foot region to every other part of your body. Aside from increasing production of hormones involved in calmness, foot massage also inhibits the production of hormones that can cause stress and tension, like cortisol.

It takes little time

If you are almost always on the move and have little time to spare for full body massage, you can go for a foot massage, and it is sure to have a marvelous impact on you. Foot massage may not represent an entire alternative to a full-body massage, but it will still touch several parts of the body and bring about relaxation. It never takes long; 30 minutes tops, you can be out of the spa and on the move again, albeit in a more relaxed state.

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