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It is known by everyone that the massage may relieve the stress, alleviate the pain and it increases the general well being. However, there are different options from deep tissue massages, hot stones and Swedish massage. The following are some of the unusual massage that you can get but some people may be somehow unrelaxed about them.

  • Cactus massage

It may sound uncomfortable; however, cactus massage is the specialty for the Four Seasons Punta Mita in Mexico. The thorns will be pulled out and then the cactus paddles will be heated using warm water. They will then be cut in order to expose each half of the interior, which is used in massaging the body.

  • Massage done by The blind

This is popular in Southeast Asian Countries. The blind masseuse has increased sensitivity for her touch sense and it is a key in better massage.

  • A Knife Massage

This is an ancient Chinese practice and it was revived in the country of Taiwan. The masseuses use two cleavers to pound shoulders and back in order to relieve the energy of the body and it helps the blood flow.

  • Snail facial massage

This is done in spas in U.K, Japan and Russia who had taken the facials up to a new level. Snails are put into the place on the face and it is left so that it may glide around on the face which leaves slime behind. This helps to recover a damaged skin.

  • A snake massage

The spa is popular in Israel. This is the combination of six different non venomous snakes that massage the body. They help to alleviate the soreness and pain. Bigger snake offers deeper massage. Indonesians use pythons that slither at the back and inducing of the fear helps metabolism.

  • An elephant massage

This is happens in Thailand and it allows the trained elephant in order to massage the person by stepping on the back gently.

  • Venik Massage

This is used as a part of the Russian Bath. A massage requires hitting the client with heated twigs of eucalyptus, oak and birch. This helps in exfoliating a skin.

  • A Gua Sha massage

This is a traditional Chinese technique where a coin or a spoon is used in order to scrape problematic areas in order to relieve tightness and pain.

  • Fire treatment

This is a message that was used in old Chinese medical treatment. The towel will be soaked into the alcohol or another elixir of different sorts. It is then placed into a problematic place. The towel will be lit up for some seconds.

  • Tickling massage

When you hear about tickling, you may not be aware of how tickling can help you to relax. However, there is a tickling technique in Spain used to help clients to relax and to relieve the stress. This is not about jabbing the fingers into the armpit and sides, but the therapist uses soft feathers and fingertips on the back or other places of the clients. Most of the clients go back well relaxed.

  • Face slapping massage

This comes with a revolution on the slaps but there are few licensed practitioners of this art. The art is also called Face Slapping Natural, Massage Boxing and Thai Face Slapping.

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