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If you had ever got a professional massage, then you are aware that this is a terrific experience. However, you should know that it is possible to do the therapy on your own, using your hands. You can use the following techniques if you want to get rid of the tension from the head to the toe.

1. Massage yourself on regular basis

Every evening and morning, you can hammer out the kinks. By using the fists, you may thump at the outside of a body and you can start with the arms and legs while working to reach at the bottom. You may move towards the torso and then you may thump up the bottom to reach to a top. While pummeling the bones and the muscle, you can strengthen the body and you can stimulate the blood circulation while relaxing the nerve endings.

2. Rubbing the stomach whenever you finish eating

Some people do this instinctively when they overeat. You can put one or both palms at the abdomen and then rub it using clockwise circles. The same direction is used by the food when it is moving into the intestines which mean that the massage can help in stimulating digestion.

3. Rubbing the back before and then after exercising

Massaging the body before doing strength, cardio and stretching training, it will increase the blood flow in the muscles. Massaging of the muscle after exercising, it will help in encouraging waste removal and the speed muscle recovery. If you want to exercise, you may use pummeling motion using the fists, in bringing the blood flow in arm and leg muscles. When you finish exercising, you may rub the muscles using fist and palm and move them in direction of the heart.

4. Massage the hands on daily basis

You can start at the bottom of the palms and you can clasp the fingers and then rub the heels on the palm in the circular motion. With the hands clasped, you should take a thumb and then massage an area found below the thumb using circular motions and it moves outwards to a center of a palm. You should repeat this at another hand. You can finish when you use a thumb with the index finger in pinching webbing found between the index finger and the thumb.

5. Roll using a Tennis Ball

When the feet are feeling tense, you can use a hand in order to support the feet and you can work on the arch of a foot. You may add body weight on the foot and this allows the ball in pressing the arch. You can begin in moving the foot slowly and you can let the ball in massaging the heel and the toes and forefoot. When tennis ball is big on the foot, you may try the gold ball.

If you have tension headache, then to relieve the tension on the head or neck, then you can massage yourself to get rid of the tension. Lie at the back and keep the legs bent. Hold a tennis ball in every hand between the forefingers and the thumb. You can rest the hands behind the head so the tennis balls can be at each side of a skull. You can then shake the head from one side to another and then lifting and tucking the chin.

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