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Deep tissue massage is highly beneficial no doubt. This massage therapy focuses more on the deep tissues and muscles in your body. During the massage, the fascia and deep layers will be touched, and this will improve blood flow to these areas. Over time, many doctors have discovered the beneficial effects of this type of massage, and they have been compelled to recommend as a treatment option. The therapy involves the use of deep finger pressure in slow motion. The strokes are firm, and this touches every length and breadth of the deep tissue. Due to its beneficial effect, deep tissue massage has been recommended for several physical ailments.

Relieve chronic pain

Conventional medical remedies may be helpful against chronic pain, but they are far from being as reliable as deep tissue massage; this is in line with research carried out by the University of Maryland Medical Center. Aside from being more effective in relieving chronic pain, this form of massage can also completely. The procedure will alleviate all forms of tension in your deep muscles and bring about untold relaxation. Muscle tension is one of the known side effects of chronic pain, and it can be effectively relieved by deep tissue massage.

Blood pressure resolution

If you have high blood pressure and you have used several drugs to no avail, it is high time you opted for deep tissue massage. It can get rid of the tension and stress associated with your muscles and circulatory system, thereby ameliorating high blood pressure. With deep tissue massage, your systolic blood pressure can drop considerable, and it will be close to normal level without ever using any chemotherapy. The procedure can bring about up to 10.4 mm Hg reduction in systolic blood pressure, while your diastolic blood pressure can drop by up to 5.3 mm Hg. Deep tissue massage can reduce blood pressure due to its ability to secrete serotonin, a hormone that will make you feel good and happy. The feeling of happiness further contributes to a reduction in blood pressure.

Remove scar tissue

You can effectively break up scar tissue with deep tissue massage. Over time, the therapy will completely get rid of the scar tissue from your body and give you your natural smooth skin back. How does this therapy achieve this feat? Deep tissue massage will improve lymphatic drainage and circulation; thereby improve flexibility and movement in that area affected by the scar tissue. Stiffness and pain often come along with scar tissue; deep tissue massage will get rid of the associated pain and stiffness as it resolves the scar tissue. If you are recovering from surgery, your doctor can recommend deep tissue massage for you to help curtail the possibility of scar tissue forming at the site of the surgery.

Muscle injury rehabilitation

Your injured muscles can also be treated effectively via deep tissue massage. The procedure will remove the toxin from the site of the injury, which will aid faster rehabilitation of the muscles. Deep tissue massage also relaxes the muscles aside from removing toxins.

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