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In this write-up, you will learn a couple of things to keep in mind if this is your first time of seeking for massage. The first time experience can be thrilling, and it may end up in disaster if you fail to consider the points that are made known in this write-up. Massage is supposed to be a relaxing exercise. It should create the aura of calmness and stress should never come up at all. Sit back as we lead you by the hands on how to make the best of your first massage experience.

Before it begins

First, ensure the time is right and convenient for the massage before you start. If the time is not convenient, you can always reschedule. There should not be any distraction while the massage is going on and it is not the right time to remember one or two unfinished tasks that require urgent attention. It is also not the time to nurse any form of ailment. Are you having skin irritation or fever? It is better to reschedule the massage until these conditions have been taken care of. Make sure you drink a lot of water before the massage. You may feel hungry, but it is not a good idea to eat before the massage begins. Avoid stress as much as possible. Do not rush to the spa; go at your pace. It is better to start moving early so that you can arrive on time without getting stressed in the process.

Health history

At the spa, you will be taken through an intake process if this is your first time. They will like to know your health history. The spa may mail you the health history form so that you can complete the form beforehand to make the process faster. If they do not send it, then you should get down there on time to complete the form before the massage therapy begins.

What are the questions the health history will focus on? These questions are highlighted below:

  • Your contact information;
  • The things that help to reduce your pain and the things that aggravate your pain;
  • The level of pain you can bear on average;
  • Your areas of concern about the massage and;
  • Your specific medical conditions.

Before the process starts, the spa may also hand over a form for you to sign, detailing your right to privacy; examples of such forms are Disclosure and HIPAA Consent forms.

The interview

The last preparatory step involves interviewing you by the massage therapist. This is the time they ask you various questions and also review your health history. The interview is important since massage process can affect several body systems at the same time, like the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. In your best interest, be honest with your responses to the questions. If you are taking any botanical medicine or pharmaceutical drugs, make sure you state them clearly when questions about these. Your honest response is important since massage therapy can either reduce or enhance the effect such drugs have on you. Your honest response will help the therapist to know if you are qualified for the massage or not.

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