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Over the years, the hot stone massage has become quite popular. Most people choose to hit the spa to pamper them with this treatment option. Yes, this is a kind of treatment that helps people to relive their stress and relax. It is said that hot stone massage has a lot of medicinal values as well. The treatment boosts the overall wellbeing of a person. Why is it called hot stone massage? It is because the treatment is carried out by placing hot stones on the back of a person’s body. Experts who carry out the massage know how to use the hot stones to manipulate the various tissues of our body.

Why hot stone massage?

The answer to this question is simply relative to the fact that it helps in treating the different health issues that people suffer from. The discomforts of the body can be removed by undergoing this treatment. This type of massaging became popular for more than a decade. The heat coming out of the stones help in the treatment. The heat transferred from the stones help in eliminating ailments by penetrating to the various parts of our body.

Some massage therapists relocate the stones from your back to the legs and again back to where it was. They move the stones at times by rubbing them against your body to massage. This way the tired muscles can get better. And, you will be left with the feeling of getting pampered in the best way possible.

Origin of the massage

Though this massage has come to be very popular in the recent years, it origin dates back to a long time back. For thousands of years, using hot stones for therapeutic purposes was common. It has been widely accepted that hot stone massage was practiced during the ancient times. They used to believe that firing up the stones and then placing the stones on their body would heal them of any sickness.

Things to consider

For this massage, the most important thing is to get hold of flat stones. Stones that are made up of basalt are used for such massages. The reason for this is that basalt stones can retain the heat for a long time. Therapists also fetch these stones from river sides. These stones are usually smooth and soft so that there is no friction with the skin. Sizes of the stones depend upon the use of the stones. Spas generally put the stones in water and heat the water. They put the stones in that water.

However, there are some precautions that should always be taken while going for this massage. You should check that you don’t have any burns in your skin already. Make sure you don’t have a history of blood clots. People suffering from any osteoporosis or fracture should totally avoid going for such hot stone massages. There are many things that a massage therapist should check before going for the massage. They should check the temperature of the stones. It should be made sure that your body is able to react to the massage. As a customer, don’t accept stones that have been heated by microwave, hot plate, oven or slow cooker. There are special machines that are used to heat up the stones.

All in all, this can be a really effective massage. But you have to go through a lot of considerations before you finally hit the spa for it!

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