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People came to learn about massage therapy millions of years ago, and the main reason they adopted this method because this therapy is having real benefits that changed millions of lives. So, today we are going to discuss the origin of this therapy and how it became on the major healing process and how actually it found its way to all over the world.

The origin

The origin of massage therapy started with Ayurveda which originated in India, and Ayurveda is con-sidered to be the first medicinal practice known to mankind. Years ago Indian gurus started this prac-tice and they also developed massage therapy to relieve people from muscle and joint pain. The term Ayurveda mean life science or life health, and Hindus have practiced this in various forms.

There are lots of therapy like Aromatherapy, meditation and other uses of medicine. As per their be-lief, massage therapy can heal lots of various disorders and diseases and regular use of massage thera-py can increase a person’s life span too.

Apart from India, massage therapy was also mentioned in China and Egypt, where people used this form of therapy to get rid of muscle and other body pains. Use of special heated oil with perfect am-bience used to be the secret of success. The massage therapy developed by Chinese people also got popular in Japan and they went on to improve the techniques and they believe that massage therapy can help in maintaining the life energy.

How it actually spread?

Its believed that massage therapy got really popular and slowly people from west started learning this art and they started practicing in their countries. People also believe that Europeans adopted the life-style of eating right, exercising and proper massage therapy will help a lot in living a healthy life.

Not only Europeans but Arabs also believed the same thing with the spread of Islam in these areas. massage therapy helps a lot in treating major diseases and it also improves the health. Slowly people and experts from west started practicing the therapy and lots of research were made to monitor how useful it is and how it can be made better with modern science.

During the 1800’s it was really a dark time for massage therapy as people blamed it to be corrupted and medical schools banned this form of Massage in major cities. But after 1900 it saw a new light of hope when people actually learned more about this art and how beneficial it can be for the entire hu-man race.

Massage therapy in modern times

Modern science has actually helped a lot in making massage therapy better than what it used to be. Lots of scientists have worked on body structure and the amount of pressure that should be applied to increase the healing process. They used the original texts to find more about this, and today people can gain lots of help from such massage therapy. More research and development is going on and sci-entists are still looking for ways to enrich this art form.

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