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Undoubtedly, hot stone massage is one of the most beneficial types of massage procedures. While many forms of massage only focus on bringing about muscle and general body relaxation, hot stone massage does far more than that. Aside from helping your muscles to relax, it can also treat many ailments. This form of massage is classified as an alternative medicine. It has become very popular application in complementary medicine today. You can equally depend on it alone for various medical therapies without using any drug. In this write-up, you will be informed about the various ways via which hot stone massage can benefit you.

It relieves muscle pains and tension

With the help of hot stone massage, you can effectively get rid of that gnawing pain and tension in your muscles. The massage therapy will increase the rate of blood supply to all the muscles in your body and remove lactic acid and other toxins, bringing about the highly desired relief from the pain. With the help of hot stone massage, you can effectively relieve muscle spasm; it is also beneficial for increasing flexibility in your muscles and joints. If you want to increase your range of motion, hot stone massage is very effective in this regard. Inflammation can be effectively managed using this massage therapy. For better and faster effect, you can alternate between cold and hot stone while carrying out the massage.

Stress and anxiety reduction

The American Massage Therapy Association has concluded after series of research that hot stone massage is effective for relieving stress. With 10 minutes of this massage therapy, you would have gotten the desired relief from unwanted cardiovascular conditions that can aggravate stress. It does not take long to have an effect, making the massage therapy available for everyone, even those who are so busy behind their desks; the entire therapy can be concluded within 15 minutes, and you can be back behind your desk before break time is over.

Sleep improvement

If you have been finding it difficult to sleep soundly and satisfactorily, it is high time you went for a massage. Over time, it has been concluded via research that hot stone massage serves as a kind of sleeping pills. It has been found to work effectively in adults of various age groups. After about 30 minutes of massage, you can feel relaxed and sleep satisfactorily. Infants too have benefited exceedingly from massage; it can help send your baby to sleep within 15 minutes after commencing the hot stone massage therapy. After waking up from massage-induced sleep, you will feel more positive, active and alert; this had been proven to be so in infants and adults alike.

Relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases

While massage alone may not be effective against autoimmune diseases, it can effectively relieve the symptoms associated with it, thereby enabling you to handle the condition better than ever before. While the massaging therapy may not be enough to heal the condition, it can quicken the recovery rate and also help you to cope better with it.

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