Q: Will I be draped while massage is ongoing?
A: The therapist would want to keep you comfortable and warm. As a result, you will be draped during the session. The only part of your body that will get exposed is the part the therapist is working on. Your consent will be need before any part of you gets exposed though. If you feel uncomfortable during the session for any reasons, never fail to communicate your discomfort to the therapist.

Q: Will I have to undress completely?
A: You are implored to undress as much as is comfortable for you. About 50% of massage clients prefer to undress completely, while the rest prefer to have their undergarments on. You are free to decide on which to choose. You understand that you’ll have complete privacy in your room to dress or undress. After undressing, a blanket will be used in covering you.

Q: How much tip should I give?
A: Instead of getting confused about how much tip to give to your massage therapist, you shod endeavor to see the therapist as you would see the waiter in a restaurant. This way, you will not be confused about how much tip to give. The tip you give only shows that you appreciate what the therapist has done. Instead of giving a tip based on a percentage of discount, it is better to give it based on a percentage of the full price.

Q: How many times should I go for a massage?
A: One massage should be enough for you per month if you are using massage for daily stress management or preventive care. If your purpose of massage is for relieving chronic tightness or injury relief, weekly massage will be right for you. You can also go for massage two times a month for complete therapeutic relief.

Q: What does a massage therapist certification or license mean?
A: It stands as evidence that the massage therapist has paid all the fees and has met all the requirements necessary for practicing in Las Vegas legally. There is a minimum number of hours of training required from the therapist before he or she can get certified. Such training should be done in an accredited training center or school.

Q: What are the constituents of each massage sessions?
A: The massage session involves time to undress before the therapy and time to dress afterward. You can equally communicate with the therapist during the procedure. Properly check if the massage session meets your expectation before your therapist leave you.

Q: Do you have more than one location?
A: We currently have another location in this city. You can get the addresses to our two locations on our Contact Page.

Q: What makes you different from your competitions?
A: The value we offer is better than what any of our competitors have to offer. We give our clients more relaxing experience and also charge them a small amount of money for a long period of massaging.

Q: Are you legitimate?
A: Yes, we are legitimate. All the therapists in our employment are also well trained. We properly check their reliability before we add them to our database.

Q: This is my first time of having a professional massage. How can I handle it?
A: Do not worry yourself at all. Our services are designed to make sure that your first experience with us will not be the last.

Q: What type of massage is best for me?
A: If you are a beginner or an advanced client, you can opt for any of the standard massage therapies that we offer. On our website, we have provided information on the different form of massage available. You can consult our experts to help you in making a choice if you find that difficult to do.

Q: Can your reason be shorter than 60 minutes?
A: If you are booking ahead, you can only have access to 60 minutes session. If you need same day service, on the other hand, it can be available for 30 minutes.