Massage Etiquette

Massage is good for your health; it can help you to live a healthier and longer. Be that as it may, there are certain very important things you should keep in mind before going for that massage. You will be hinted about the various massage etiquette to consider in this write-up.

Proper cleaning

Before you start the massage, make sure you shower and get your body cleaned properly. It is even better to shower just moments before the therapy for better massage experience. When you are properly clean, the therapy will be more comfortable for the therapist, and you will feel good as desired. Additionally, your body can absorb the oils and lotions being used during the massage.

Any need for shaving?

You do not need to worry about shaving your legs before you go for a massage. All you need to worry about is getting properly cleaned. There is no need to worry about the bushy hair on any part of your body since the hairs will not affect the therapy or therapist.

Be open-minded

You will be asked several questions by the therapist before the procedure begins. Most of these questions will revolve around your health history. When answering these questions, you should see your therapist the same way you would see your doctor. It is in your best interest to open up and tell the truth so that the therapist can decide if you are qualified for the therapy or not. If you have any ailment, you should not hesitate to tell the therapist about this.

What about undressing?

Before the massage therapy begins, you are free to undress as far as it is comfortable for you. Not all massage therapies will require you to take off your cloth; full body massage may, however, require that. Even if you undress before a full body massage, the therapist will cover you up with drape to protect your pride. If you remove all your cloth, you may decide to leave your panties on.

What about talking?

There is no restriction in this regard during massage therapy. You can decide to talk, and you can decide to keep quiet. If the therapy is causing you pain, never hesitate to tell the therapist about this rather than to suffer in silence.

What about tips?

You can tip the therapist between 15% and 20% of the total cost of the massage. You should also know that it is not a must to tip the therapist.