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Massage therapy is good for everyone, both young and old. Stress is responsible for more than 80% of the diseases people suffer these days. Stress originates from the mind, and it has its reflection and effect on all other parts of the human body. Stress is also one of the factors responsible for aging; it can get someone down emotionally, psychologically and physically.

As one grows older, the ability to manage stress reduces, necessitating the need to keep stress at the lowest level possible. One of the best ways to keep stress at bay is to go for full-body massaging. An older adult that engages massage on frequent basis stands a better chance of living a longer and happier life than someone that does not.

At old age, many individuals find themselves in a moody and depressed state. This can lead to heightened emotional and psychological stress, which is not good for health, especially in the elderly. Stress can lead to an increase in pulse and heart rates. It can also agitate muscle tension. The effect of stress on heightened blood pressure is well documented. Rapid breathing reduced digestion process, and immune system suppression is some of the several negative effects of stress on the body, especially in old age. These problems can, however, be dealt with effectively via massaging.

As one grows older, the immune system succumbs rather easily to infections, but massaging can increase immune system since it increases the protein content of the blood to stimulate the individual’s immune system. Protein is essential in boosting the immune system and increasing the quality of life of the individual.

Cortisol is known to aggravate aging and its many effects; it is also a hormone associated with stress. An aged person can look younger via massaging since the therapy reduces stress and, therefore, decreases cortisol production.

Seniors usually complain of compromised blood circulation, and they tend to feel cold in the limb regions due to decreased blood flow to these distal parts of the body. Massaging can help to increase blood flow to the limbs and, therefore, put an end to any untoward health implications that can result from the compromised blood circulation.

Furthermore, massaging can help seniors to improve gait and balance. As one grows older, the chances of falling get higher since the bones and tendons that maintain balance become weaker. Massaging can help bring back life to these tendons and bones, thereby enabling them to get stronger again. Massaging improve proprioception, enabling the senior to have better sense of the relative position of his or her body parts, which helps to forestall falling or loss of balance.

Also, massaging can soften the tissues and muscles in the seniors, which would have become stiff due to loss of elasticity consequent of old age and reduced physical activities. Old age causes a decrease in physical activities, and this can have a negative impact on the muscles and joints. Massaging helps to relax all the muscles and increase blood flow to them, which will give them life afresh. There is no better way to reduce muscle tension than this.

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