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Many people are turning to massage as a part of their therapy or as a regular routine. However, there are different misconceptions about massage and some people do not understand what it is the true or not. People believe some myths about the massage even if there are some researches that had proven that they are not the truth. Some believe that the massage is meant to treat only sore muscle while others believe that a massage should hurt so that it can be effective. There are common myths on the massage and they do continue in shaping the public opinion and in different cases, it keeps the people away of the massage.

1. Massage therapist do not need to have extensive training

Even if this is true, since some students may decide to go to a massage since it does not take too long as a doctor, they still have to train for a long period. The students should complete at least two years in intensive training before graduating to be Registered Massage Therapist.

The students should train about Myofascial Release, neuromuscular therapy, advanced neuroanatomy, pathology and musculoskeletal anatomy. These are advanced courses, which give the students expertise needed and they have to undergo a number of hours in practice before being acknowledged.

2. Massage therapy is meant to treat sore muscle

Some people think that a massage therapy is the best treatment to treat sore muscle. Even if this may true, the massage therapy will offer other benefits to the patients. There are studies that show that massage therapy can work as a complement to other treatments of different conditions.

Among the benefits of the massage, the therapy had shown in helping to boost immune function for the HIV patients, it reduces cortisol level with PTSD patients and it promotes relaxation with most people.

3. The massage has to be painful in order to be effective

The people, who believe in this, are these who get different massage like deep tissue massage since it can feel uncomfortable. However, even with the deep tissue massage, discomfort will not translate into an effective massage. However, a deep tissue massage can help in relaxing the muscle tension while it increases flexibility. This sometime can lead to discomfort.

However, the therapists have other options when it comes to massage. Lighter massage such as lymphatic drainage and Swedish massage can be taught about during the training and cannot cause discomfort to the patient.

4. Children and babies cannot get a massage

Infants and children do experience the stress and massage therapists and parents may help to reduce this stress. Regular and gentle massage may help in boosting the immune system and they do improve the digestion of young infants if they suffer constipation. Old children who are physically active, they may endure postural strain when they sit for a long period or if they do carry heavy backpacks. The massage therapy may alleviate the pain, they improve the circulation and they reduce the hyperactivity and anxiety. It also enhances the breathing with children who suffer asthma.

5. Massage advantages had not been proven scientifically

The massage benefits had been a subjective of many researches and new studies are still being done. The studies done, they have shown that message therapy helps to reduce the level of cortisol, it boosts the immune functions and it works as complementary treatments for gastrointestinal disorders and Parkinson’s. Massage therapists are aware of these misconceptions and they help their clients to address them so that they can deliver effective treatment.

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