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Thai massage is the most energizing of all other forms of massages. It has several touches of yoga, but you will not have to perform the actual yoga...
There is no better way to create strongerbond between you and your wife than by engaging couples massage.
Outcall massage services will enable you access massage services anywhere, be it in your home, office or hotel room.
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One of the major problem one can ever get from a hectic life is lower back pain. Millions of people are suffering from this very excruciating pain because of their life style and hours of working in from of a computer. In earlier days people used to indulge in physical work that kept them moving and quite healthy too. But since the rapid development of technology, now people don’t do mechanical work, instead computers and machines are doing that, but to operate them, people have to sit and work for the entire day, and that’s the major reason for lower back pain. But do you know that treatment for lower back pain started thousands of years ago and today also it exists. We know it by the name of massage therapy and it can actually help a lot when it comes to sav-ing yourself for lower back pain. Hence, today we are going to discuss about how this therapy is the best thing for back pain. The pressure points One of the most amazing things to note about massage therapy is the fact that it focusses a lot on pres-sure points and it makes it really amazing. Pressure points are all over our body and Ayurveda talks about this a lot. In fact Chinese medical science also focusses on acupressure points that connects the entire body with various things. If correct pressure is applied on these points then it can help in body and muscle pain. Massage therapist applies proper pressure on these places which helps a lot for lower back pain and the kind of massaging oil helps in easing the muscle pain. Massage therapy has helped lots of people over these years, and if someone opts for this therapy at regular intervals then it can help them in many ways. Strengthening of muscles Getting rid of lower back pain is not the only way to fix this issue, but making lower back muscles will help you a lot in your future. A solid lower back muscles can help your entire spinal cord and as we all know that spine is the most important part of our body. It is the only thing that maintains the bal-ance of our body and without a proper spinal strength people can experience lots of problems in their old age. Hence, massage therapy is not just for getting rid of pain, but it also helps in strengthening the mus-cles. Proper massage is quite beneficial and if someone opts for massage from time-to-time, then it will definitely help in improved immunity and stronger muscles too. So, if you are really looking for a long term solution then opt for massage therapy as it can help you a lot in the coming days and it will also make you much stronger than you are right now. Even if you are not having lower back issues, you can opt for this massage to avoid such problems in the coming future.
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There has been a lot of debate going on whether massage therapy really works as people claim, or is it just another relaxation therapy and nothing else. Well, there are various aspects of this, and if things are done in the most accurate way, then massage therapy is really having magical benefits that will be visible in the coming days after the therapy has been done. People are always inclined towards instant result but therapeutic massage is a natural treatment and nature never provides you an instant solution. Medical science can provide you medications that can solve your troubles and pain with just a simple pill, but that’s never a permanent solution. Massage therapy is an Ayurvedic treatment developed by Indians and then it moved on to other cul-tures, but Ayurveda never provides a quick fix, instead it believed in slow healing that remains per-manent and always helps in better treatment. This is the reason why the success of massage therapy depends on various factors that has been listed below. The ambience setup For a successful massage therapy there are various requirements, but the most important among all is the setup of ambience. Dim lights along with nice scented room is the only thing that completes the therapy. All these ambience set up is for a reason and that reason is to make a person feel relaxed first. If a person is not relaxed before the massage then the entire thing would be a total waste, and you won’t be able to get the benefits of massage therapy. Professional massage therapist always makes sure that the person who is about to get the therapy is always in a clam and relaxed mood so that the therapy would affect their body in a positive way. Apart from the ambience, the recipient of the massage should not eat instantly after getting the mas-sage or even before. Not only food, but even excess beverage can obstruct the process of massage therapy. Just make sure that you are not stuffing yourself with lots of food or anything else. Other important aspects In order to get maximum benefits one must understand that a person should not be in excess stress when they come in for the therapy. Its always a good idea to take some time to relax yourself and then walk in for this therapy. This will ensure that your heart rate is normal and you are not thinking any-thing else apart from the massage you are about to get. People sometimes instantly go in for therapy and by the time they are done, they don’t really feel much changes in their body. As we already stated that people won’t get much benefits instantly as this therapy gives results but it takes time. So, the debate of if this really works is quite controversial and if patients can have some trust on this and if they are ready to wait, then this massage therapy will definitely help them a lot.
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Over the years, the hot stone massage has become quite popular. Most people choose to hit the spa to pamper them with this treatment option. Yes, this is a kind of treatment that helps people to relive their stress and relax. It is said that hot stone massage has a lot of medicinal values as well. The treatment boosts the overall wellbeing of a person. Why is it called hot stone massage? It is because the treatment is carried out by placing hot stones on the back of a person’s body. Experts who carry out the massage know how to use the hot stones to manipulate the various tissues of our body. Why hot stone massage? The answer to this question is simply relative to the fact that it helps in treating the different health issues that people suffer from. The discomforts of the body can be removed by undergoing this treatment. This type of massaging became popular for more than a decade. The heat coming out of the stones help in the treatment. The heat transferred from the stones help in eliminating ailments by penetrating to the various parts of our body. Some massage therapists relocate the stones from your back to the legs and again back to where it was. They move the stones at times by rubbing them against your body to massage. This way the tired muscles can get better. And, you will be left with the feeling of getting pampered in the best way possible. Origin of the massage Though this massage has come to be very popular in the recent years, it origin dates back to a long time back. For thousands of years, using hot stones for therapeutic purposes was common. It has been widely accepted that hot stone massage was practiced during the ancient times. They used to believe that firing up the stones and then placing the stones on their body would heal them of any sickness. Things to consider For this massage, the most important thing is to get hold of flat stones. Stones that are made up of basalt are used for such massages. The reason for this is that basalt stones can retain the heat for a long time. Therapists also fetch these stones from river sides. These stones are usually smooth and soft so that there is no friction with the skin. Sizes of the stones depend upon the use of the stones. Spas generally put the stones in water and heat the water. They put the stones in that water. However, there are some precautions that should always be taken while going for this massage. You should check that you don’t have any burns in your skin already. Make sure you don’t have a history of blood clots. People suffering from any osteoporosis or fracture should totally avoid going for such hot stone massages. There are many things that a massage therapist should check before going for the massage. They should check the temperature of the stones. It should be made sure that your body is able to react to the massage. As a customer, don’t accept stones that have been heated by microwave, hot plate, oven or slow cooker. There are special machines that are used to heat up the stones. All in all, this can be a really effective massage. But you have to go through a lot of considerations before you finally hit the spa for it!
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How to start thinking about it? The answer to the question as to how often should you get a massage, is simple. It is best if you can get a massage almost every day! But we have to understand that there are different body types out there. We can’t treat each body type in the same way. There are ailments that people suffer from. For them, it may not be suitable to get a foot massage. So, we can say that there are several factors that actually matter while thinking about foot massage. There are physical and emotional factors. You also have to think about the money that you can spend. It is because there are many expensive foot massages out there. How will frequent massages help you? Massages don’t need to be explained as we already know that they are very useful. They calm our nervous system which in turn helps in increasing the blood circulation of our body. People suffering from muscle pain can also get help by going for a good foot massage. Athletes suffering from muscle spasms, arthritis and others can get relief from the foot massages. Many people choose to go for the massage once a year. But if you think wisely, this may not help you that well. You should go for such massages once or twice a week to keep you absolutely fit. This is when you are in severe pain of something. When you get better with the massages, you can change the routine to once in a month. But be careful to the fact that you don’t stretch the time period to a long gap. This may make your muscles to retreat to the initial problem stage. If you are going for frequent massages, then that would make your muscles to become soft and more complaint. This would help you to deal with stress. Athletes or people who are heavily involved with something that requires them to move frequently should definitely go for a weekly massage. The best way to understand what your body needs is to listen to it. Try to understand the stiffness of your body. You should rely on the advice of the professional who would help you out with the right type of massage. Choose the right technique of massages There are many techniques of massages. Out of the rest, the Swedish massage is one that helps one to relax. The best part of this massage is that you can get immediate result from the massage. Also, there is something that is a deep tissue massage which involves firm pressure to release the knotting up of the muscles. It is up to you and of course the masseuse or the masseur to decide which massage to go for depending on the relevant factors. Do what is best The best thing one can say about getting massages is whenever you feel the need. Obviously, we can’t ignore the money factor. Get yourself a massage once in a while but make sure that you don’t let the muscle tangle up. You can try out different therapists. This will help you in determining the type of massage you need. Massage techniques are multiple. You have to choose keeping in mind the benefits.